ToyBoard® Nest (for ToyBoard® PRO)

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Introducing the NEST, an exclusively designed accessory for the ToyBoard® PRO. Engineered to complement and enhance the capabilities of your ToyBoard® PRO, the NEST takes your balance training to new heights. Perfectly contoured to fit the unique shape of the ToyBoard® PRO, it offers an advanced level of instability, making it an ideal tool for professionals seeking to intensify their training or therapeutic sessions.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Fit for ToyBoard® PRO: The NEST is precisely shaped to align with the ToyBoard® PRO, ensuring a seamless integration for enhanced performance.
  • Advanced Imbalance for Intensive Training: By increasing the level of imbalance, the NEST challenges users to engage more deeply with their core and stabilizer muscles, promoting advanced strength and balance.
  • Ideal for Strap Workouts: The design of the NEST allows for effective use with straps, expanding the range of possible exercises and adding versatility to your training regimen.
  • Professional-Grade Accessory: The NEST is recommended for use in professional settings, making it a valuable asset for physical therapists, fitness trainers, and sports coaches.
  • Safety and Expertise: Due to its advanced nature, the use of the NEST is recommended under the guidance of professionals, ensuring safety and effectiveness in training.

Who It's For:

  • Fitness and Sports Professionals: Enhance the training experience with added challenge and versatility.
  • Physical Therapists: Ideal for progressing patients' balance and rehabilitation exercises.
  • Advanced Fitness Enthusiasts: For those who have mastered the ToyBoard® PRO and seek an additional challenge.

Recommended Use:

While the NEST is designed to be user-friendly, its advanced features are best utilized in a setting where professional guidance is available. This ensures both safety and maximization of the training benefits.

Elevate your balance board experience with the NEST accessory – the perfect partner to your ToyBoard® PRO for those looking to push the boundaries of balance and strength training!

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ToyBoard stands out due to its versatility, eco-conscious design, and suitability for a wide range of users. It's not just for fitness enthusiasts but also for kids and seniors, offering a fun and engaging exercise option that’s also mindful of the environment.

Absolutely! ToyBoard is designed to be user-friendly for all skill levels, including beginners. Its versatility allows for a gradual increase in difficulty, making it perfect for those new to balance training.

ToyBoard is built to last. We are committed to quality, ensuring that our boards can withstand regular use over time, aligning with our value of durability and sustainability. No board has ever been returned for damaged foam since its creation in 2015.